Software description

Eat-Me is an application developed by DO-IT for the HORECA sector and has been recognized by the “Basque Culinary Center”, whose objective is that restaurant users can see the food menu from their mobile device in augmented reality when selecting the menu.

As main points to be commented on::


  1. The software development and interface were developed about a year and a half ago by DO-IT’s IT team.
  2. Since then the DO-IT development team has been working on the software for the administrators (customers responsible for each restaurant) so that WEB can then be accessed from any PC or MAC and have it in mobile application format (APP). In addition, so far it has developed its own software for the assembly of augmented reality models “whose name is Archimedes” which based on artificial intelligence technology is able to develop augmented reality models in a second by a certain number of images.

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  3. Currently the APP is being introduced in the APP Store and the Play Store to start its final debugging mainly linked to stress tests from different parts of the planet.

Some screenshots of the app:






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