¿ What is the EAT-ME Project?

EAT-ME is an app that, using Augmented Reality, allows restaurants to display their menu items in a “real” way, simply through an application installed on your smartphone.

Who wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant and see all the dishes before ordering them? Now EAT-ME makes it possible.

Through Augmented Reality (AR), this application allows you to visualize all the dishes in the menu in real size, and with the presentation that would come to your table.

It shows such an authentic image of the product that customers will get their mouths water just by seeing it. ¡ So real that you can almost smell or touch the dishes before they arrive at the table!

With EAT-ME, your customers will have something unique in front of them, a menu in augmented reality. As a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s nothing better than having your dishes in the palm of your hand. Put your restaurant at the forefront, and instead of making a good impression, impress them.

If you are an businessman committed to your customers, this is your application!


Taste the Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality provides a greater amount of information and causes great visual impact, so it is one of the best options to highlight your products compared to other competitors in the sector.

Our company has a large team specialized, creative and innovative, whose goal is to bring Augmented Reality to all sectors demanded by its customers, covering satisfactorily the needs of these.

Forget the words. The augmented reality is a last generation tool and with an intelligent device as the one of our day to day, we will have a three-dimensional and realistic model of a dish.

Something unique, the future

These models are not limited to a simple image such as a photograph, but they assign a physical space, which allows you to see and rotate the plate in a very intuitive way to appreciate it better.

Because it’s an application found in digital stores, it’s accessible to any smart device, from a smartphone to a tablet or even virtual reality glasses. In addition, EAT-ME not only displays information on the presentation of the dish, but also offers the possibility of moving from the traditional menu to a digital menu, in which to prioritize dishes, organize and modify without help and apply these changes instantly.

¿What can EAT ME give you?

Advantages for your business

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