Industry 4.0.

The term Industry 4.0 refers to what many have dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing”. That is, a digital transformation of industry with numerous technological techniques to achieve goals of greater scope and efficiency.

This advance in digitization allows for numerous benefits:

– Increased competitiveness.

– More agile processes. Production times are cut.

– Increased number of sales.

– Data connectivity that allows customized production.

– Improved customer relations.

– Fewer errors, greater cost savings, and greater efficiency in energy, raw materials, etc.

All this can be achieved with basic aspects such as data connectivity, automation, the amount of digital information available in much less time, etc.

Currently, this idea is so present in our society that it is clear to us that the Digital Transformation of our Industry is 100% necessary to be competitive, since in DO-IT we all agree that digitalization means “update or die”, so it has to be understood as a vital need for progress and innovation in any sector.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is the inclusion of virtual elements, in real time, within the physical universe, making reality interact with fiction.

Using some technological devices, such as computers, cell phones, tablets, etc., with Augmented Reality a person can see the real world with certain virtual elements added on the screens of these devices.

Therefore, the term Augmented Reality refers to the increase of information that a person can obtain on their own by interacting with the physical world. This makes it possible to obtain more data than what can be registered through the senses.

DO-IT uses this reality to create really useful tools with which to innovate and develop any type of business, allowing it to become more attractive and make it easier for the customer to achieve the objectives it sets out to achieve.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of examining data sets with the help of specialized systems and software. These data analysis techniques are used by industries to conduct research in a more exhaustive way in order to make better business decisions based on the information obtained.

DO-IT has the expertise to bring these techniques to any company, generating great benefits such as helping companies increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts, respond more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive advantage, all with the ultimate goal of driving business performance.


The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), although at first glance it may seem complicated to understand, is nothing more than the term that refers to connected technology. In other words, it is a concept that has arisen to identify the relationship between objects and people, and even between objects directly, which are connected to each other and to the network, providing data in real time.

Within this field, currently under development, there could be numerous applications that would make people’s lives much easier. Can you imagine your refrigerator alerting you when a product is approaching its expiration date? Or that your house could alert you before you leave your cell phone of the things you may have forgotten? “The washing machine has finished washing”, “The bedroom window is open”, “The oven is on”, etc. Or in the industrial sector, being able to provide information about everything that happens in any building, factory, company… about damaged products, time of involvement in each project… all in real time.

These applications, which would help us enormously in our daily life, can be developed and created by DO-IT, allowing to increase the performance and competitiveness of any company, and constantly providing information in our daily routines, helping us to relax and remember everything we need.

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