Eat-Me is an application that, through Augmented Reality (AR), allows restaurants to show the dishes on their menu in an innovative way.

Through this app, Eat-Me combines the magic of Augmented Reality with the gastronomy of partner restaurants to provide customers with a unique culinary experience.

This app is accessible for any smart device, from a cell phone to a tablet or even virtual reality glasses.


This project has been developed for the HORECA sector and has been recognized by the “Basque Culinary Center”, which supports the quality and innovation of Eat-Me in the culinary field.

Download Eat-Me and get ready to discover a new level of culinary pleasure with Augmented Reality!


NeighBors Eyes is an application designed to maintain security and tranquility in residential communities. Our platform is responsible for deterring people who may carry out uncivil acts or suspicious activities in your neighborhood. With our video surveillance technology and alert systems, you will be able to protect your community and maintain a safe environment for all its inhabitants.

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The features and services that this platform can provide are:

  • 24/7 surveillance: “NeighBors Eyes” is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security cameras installed at strategic points in the residential area are activated by users to monitor any unusual activity.
  • Active deterrence: When uncivil or suspicious behavior is detected, the NeighBors Eyes user activates deterrent mechanisms. These may include flashing lights, sirens, warning messages on loudspeakers, etc. These deterrent actions help prevent the situation from escalating or becoming a bigger problem.
  • User interaction: If the platform activates the deterrent mechanisms, you will receive a notification on your mobile device asking if you believe the presence of NeighBors Eyes has deterred the individuals involved. If you answer yes, you will have the option to deactivate the deterrent mechanisms to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Collaboration with the authorities: If the suspicious behavior persists or if you feel it is necessary to involve the authorities, NeighBors Eyes will give you the option to download the relevant video to share with law enforcement. This can assist in the identification and apprehension of persons involved in illegal activities.
  • Privacy and security: We respect your privacy and ensure that all images and videos are stored safely and securely. Only you, as the account owner or administrator, will have access to the surveillance data.


In summary, “NeighBors Eyes” is a complete and efficient platform for security and video surveillance in residential areas. Our advanced technology allows you to maintain a safe environment in your neighborhood, deter undesirable behavior and collaborate with authorities when necessary. Your community will be protected 24 hours a day, thanks to the watchful eye of NeighBors Eyes.



Do-it has developed a software whose function helps companies to have a record of the effective working hours performed by each worker, either from the company or outside it (teleworking).

It is an app where users, who are the workers themselves, can install it on their PCs, mobiles or tablets, being able to activate and deactivate the time accounting through a button.

In addition, this software is used to allocate hours to jobs so that companies can keep the cost center of each project up to date according to the time spent by personnel.

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Script for Instagram is an innovative tool designed to support Community Managers teams within companies by automating content generation and social media management on the Instagram platform.

This project arises in response to the growing need to maintain an active and attractive presence on social networks without exhausting the resources and time of the team.

Through this tool, personalized content generation is guaranteed, as this script is equipped with advanced content generation algorithms that can create relevant posts and texts for the target audience. Using demographic information and audience preferences, the script can create messages, stories and even captions that align with the brand’s identity.

Other features include automated responses and messages and an automated publishing calendar.


Script for Instagram represents a solution for companies and individuals looking to effectively manage their Instagram accounts and profiles. By combining the power of automation with creativity and personalization, this project offers Community Managers a valuable tool to drive engagement on social networks efficiently and effectively.

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