DO-IT is a company created by MEP-PROJECTS whose activity is aimed at the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Do-it, whose services are closely related to the Digital Transformation of Industry (Industry 4.0), Augmented Reality, Data Analytics and Internet of Things, provides its customers with fully satisfactory solutions to the needs they demand.

Due to the great technological and digital transformation that we are currently experiencing, the need to apply these advances to all sectors of our society has become essential for many companies and businesses. DO-IT allows these advances and innovative projects to become a reality, helping its clients to achieve their goals and objectives, improving their services and updating their businesses to this great advance that we are living.

This company has a large multidisciplinary and specialized, creative and innovative team, whose goal is to carry out the objectives in all sectors demanded by its customers, covering in a satisfactory way their needs, always accompanying and helping them in this transformation.


DO – IT gives its customers access to a support tool that allows them to provide any user with an innovative experience by being able to render 3D products in Augmented Realityfrom your cell phone or tablet, which, in addition to helping to streamline the project and eliminate certain risks, offers sales and marketing material with greater power thanks to its functionality and visual impact.

Another tool that DO – IT can offer is one that provides security and convenience, and in the case of companies that desire such a tool, they will achieve improvements such as predictive maintenance, minimization of errors in the production process and greater productivity for the customer among others, by employing the Internet of Things. This option allows us to use new technology services that allow us to be more productive and efficient, bringing an extra of innovation.