Time recording software for workers

Software description

From DO-IT, between March and April 2020 was developed a software for time control by activation and stop from the same computer desktop by the user, this software has been customized for different companies that continue to use it because of its ease of use and how useful it becomes.

At the same time, it monitors the working time in the company’s servers. In addition, the software allocates hours to jobs so that companies have an up-to-date cost center for each project based on the time spent by office staff. The software generates the necessary records and reports through an intuitive administrator interface.
The main features of the software are as follows:

  1. Monitors the working time of people per activation/stop per user, and also counts the effective working time on the company’s server.
  2. Allocation of office employee hours to different cost centers in order to keep project profitability up to date.
  3. Creation of data records for data analysis.
  4. Effective response through intuitive work interface managed by HR or administration teams to collect the number of hours and record them, or note incidents to be able to rate them internally.
Some screenshots of the software:






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