Script Social Media

Software Description

Script Social Media is a software that DO-IT has developed to help people responsible for the community manager within companies so that they always generate content and movement in social networks to have a maintenance base that attracts followers.

Main Features of the Software:

Image 1.- Example of code developed for the software

  • Desktop application developed in Python
  • The application’s script automatically finds publications in social networks to recommend, according to established criteria: number of likes, minimum number of followers, keywords, etc.
  • Once the publication has been found, the user (community manager) decides whether to publish the post, interacting with the application, where he/she can make the following decisions:
    1. Possibility to Publish the Post according to the preselection made by Software.
    2. To be able to modify the publication of the Post by adding or removing content.
    3. Have the possibility to work in a concentrated way and plan the uploading of different posts on different days and times with the idea of automating the uploading processes.

Image 2.- Posting of selected entries from other profiles






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