Neighbors Eyes

Software Description

The main objective of Neighbors Eyes is to deter people who are committing uncivil acts in residential areas.

How does this platform work?

  • A group of people are found performing any type of uncivic act in their residential area.
  • Access the NeighBors Eyes application and accept the location permissions of your device:

Image 1.- Accept device localization terms

  • Cameras available at the user’s location are displayed
  • The user presses the desired video surveillance camera and activates it. The deterrent mechanism is activated:
    • Live camera signal
    • Broadcast signal indicator
    • Red lights identify that the camera is recording.
  • After a few minutes the application asks the user, Have you managed to deter the individuals?
    • If so, the user can deactivate the deterrent mechanisms being used.
    • In negative case: The platform gives the option to download full video since the user started recording, in order to be able to discuss it with the authorities.

Image 2.- Images of crowded areas by cameras






9:00am – 6:00pm